In-School Curriculum

The Music Together® In-School music program integrates music experiences at home with those in school to create a music-making community which supports a child’s language, cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.

Each week, a trained Music Together specialist, together with their classroom teachers, leads the children in a variety of song, movement, and instrument activities. The activities are research-based, and designed to support children’s developing competence in tonality and rhythm. Over the school year, the children gain experience in important aspects of music-making including: moving in rhythm, singing in various tonalities, improvising, listening, using language in musical ways, etc. They’ll do this while adding fifty to seventy-five songs and chants to their music “library.”

Weekly In School Music Classes

Schools may opt to offer two or three fifteen-week semesters per year, consisting of weekly Music Together classes, in each classroom. In addition to the weekly classes, and with the help of the Music Together materials, the classroom teacher can build on the music-class experience during the week, so that music becomes a part of daily classroom life.

Bringing the Music Home® Encourages Family Music-Making

Children “bring the music home” to their parents, through the Music Together family CD and illustrated songbook, and by sharing the songs and activities learned in school. The Music Together specialist and the classroom teachers work together to create opportunities for parents to experience the music activities at school, including classroom visits and special school-family events.

Together, children, parents, teachers and school staff, create an environment that facilitates active music-making in support of a child’s total development.

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