What Our Families Are Saying

Discover what other happy Music Together of Kitchener-Waterloo families have to say about our program and centre!


"Music Together® is such a wonderful enriching experience for all families involved.  I look forward to singing, drumming, and dancing with [my son], and hearing my parents and husband join in on the great songs as well.  I am grateful to share the music as a family again. It's a joy to have the guidance from class and inspiration from the book, CD, and App to interact in a musical way anytime and any place." Lindsay, Waterloo


"First off, let me say we loved Music Together. I sent my one year old son with our nanny and he adored it! I was able to attend one class, and my husband attended one as well, and we both thought Charlene was magnificent. It is far and away my son's favourite CD and we still use it to calm him on car rides!" Katie, Waterloo


"Every evening when I put my daughter to bed, I sing probably 10-20 minutes worth of Music Together songs. I am so grateful for the collections. Thank you for making it happen in our community, so I can make it happen in our home." Anne-Marie, Waterloo


"The Music Together program absolutely enriches our children's development. It's so much more than one class a week - we all love to sing along to the songs, and make our own music at home everyday!" Shannon, Waterloo


"Claire had her first piano recital a couple of weeks ago. Her piano teacher is impressed by the knowledge she has of rhythm and beat and I thank you and the Music Together program for that." Andrea, Waterloo


"Considering how hectic our days, weeks, months are, it is a treasure to know that we have a little pocket of time that we are guaranteed to spend quality time together when we attend class each week. Thank you for being a very important part of our lives!" Kristin, Waterloo


"I can’t begin to tell you how much we looked forward to and enjoyed every Music Together class. I often wondered who enjoyed the classes more…me or the girls! I have so many memories to cherish from our experience, not to mention a huge repertoire of songs to sing and enjoy with my kids for years to come.Pam, Kitchener


"We love Music Together…. my son has learned to find rhythm and has great enjoyment for music. The CDs are fantastic.  My husband and I both enjoy them and they are a constant in our car and in our home.  We are very thankful for Music Together and will definitely be back with our next child when that day comes." parent, Waterloo


"I love Music Together. I am musically trained myself, so I appreciate the depth of the program. I love my kids learning music, developing their ear, and gaining confidence in music with Music Together. My 8 and 6 yr olds remember the songs my 2 yr old is now learning. It's great family fun!" Karen, Waterloo


"My daughter is enjoying Rhythm Kids so much she asks me every morning if it is “Rhythm Kids Day”. The program is helping to develop not only her rhythm skills, but she enjoys having her ‘solos” during class and is building confidence in her music-making abilities!" Kristine, Kitchener