Tuition Assistance

It is with great thanks from many families' personal contributions, that Music Together of Kitchener-Waterloo is able to offer tuition assistance for our classes. As well, we are pleased to offer a full scholarship opportunity through the Patricia Roberts Scholarship, available to returning families. Please contact us if you would like to apply.


Requesting tuition assistance is simple.  You don’t need to fill out any financial aid forms, but please tell us a bit about yourself.  

1.  Why would you like to enroll your child(ren) in a music education program? 

2.  How did you find out about Music Together® classes? 

3.  Are you aware of how important the participation of a parent or caregiver is in a Music Together class, and are you willing to participate with enthusiasm?

4.  What amount of the tuition are you looking to the tuition assistance fund to provide?

5.  Do you have any flexibility about which class you can enroll in?


Some possibilities for tuition help include the following:

Split payments

Pay the full tuition, but break it into two or more payments spaced over the course of the semester.

Reduced tuition

Pay what you honestly can, remembering that this is a livelihood for those of us who provide this music experience for your family.  So far it’s always worked out when families offer what they can afford. 


Some families have chosen to barter their help in exchange for reduced tuition.  If you’re interested in bartering, there are many ways we could use your help, from helping to set-up for class, special events, delivering brochures or offering us your own special interests and talents.

Help from other sources

Many grandparents or other family members are thrilled to offer Music Together classes as a special birthday or holiday gift for a child they love.  Grandparents, friends, and other special adults in your child’s life are always welcome to visit class. It’s especially lovely when they can see how much fun their gift provides! Gift certificates are always available and can be personalized with any message and any gift amount.

To request tuition assistance, please send us an email, or contact Jodie at 519-746-6550.